Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey, It's a Club Blog!!

This blog has been created for Ringling College's Comics Collaborative Club.  We'll be postin' up resources for making comics, announcements for any upcoming demos, and what we're currently working on. After meetings I'll post up links and information relating to what was talked about that week.

Tomorrow we'll be splitting into two groups. Those who already have a story or comic they're working on will be in one group, and those who don't know what they want to do will be in another. The alter will do a few exercises to help them come up with many different ideas for inspiration. The first group will introduce our story ideas to the other and explain what they're about so we're familiar with them, and we'll discuss how we will want to handle our club time in the future.

I'll introduce our blog to the club and grant permissions for everyone who wishes to be able to post. I highly encourage people to share their work each week or what they're working on! For those who wish to want to make their comic a webcomic, I highly recommend using Smackjeeves.

That's all for now!
~Laura, C3 president

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