Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Krad's Reviews // 001 // Hanna

Hey y'all,

As a bit of a preface to my review; I'll just be doing one webcomic/manga/comic-artbook per post. This will contain pictures, a lengthy description, and a tasty link where you can go to their site pronto.

For the auspicious first post (for me), I'll review Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name, by the delicious Tessa: http://vert-is-ninja.deviantart.com/

Simply put, this is by far my favorite webcomic there will ever be. Charm, mystery, humor, action, kickass artwork and characters - this has everything for a classic.

Did I mention an epic storyline to boot?

The story goes with Hanna being a detective of some sorts that specializes in the supernatural - somehow he manages to attract the loyal (and the only sane) person, er - zombie? Zombie, or (...) as the fans call him, hangs around Hanna to see an ever growing cast of visually and personally interesting characters - everything from a nerdy vampire to a mysterious clock-maker - shouldn't say any more, as delving into the rest is spoiler territory. Needless to say, each and every one of these characters hit home with humorous banter, snazzy outfits, and a genuine feeling that leave you warm and fluffy.

(Need I mention that one of the characters (Conrad), went to Ringling? Now hows that for an AWESOME shout out?!)

Despite the warm fluffy feeling, there are some (make that a lot) of darker moments here - There will be deaths, blood and some poingant moments all woven together with snarky humor and a sense of friendship.

The artwork itself has a very distinct style that fits perfectly with the mood - the colors alone are ingeniously mixed together in different pallets for different scenes, often with a neon edge to make sure you are pressing that next button RIGHT NOW.

I literally cannot say anything negative about HINABN; and look very much forward to what Tessa does with this already legendary webcomic.